Ian C.

Manhattan, United States

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Great tacos at a very affordable price. This place is definitely no frills but I like a few aspects about the place

1) Obviously the food is amazing. The Al Pastor was great, actually it was all great.

2) The women at the counter was very nice, she gave my daughter a heaping side of pork for only a dollar because she couldnt eat anything spicy.

3) They have ice water and a clean environment

If you want a no frills taco joint thats really authentic I think you really cant go wrong here.

Adrian F.

Clinton Hill, United States

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Today marks the third day in a row that I have been to Varrio 408 spice stumbling upon it by a visit to CityMD which is located next to it.

Too often I visit restaurants leaving disappointed because they try to cater to such a diverse pallet and in the process the authenticity of the food greatly Compromised.

This is Hands Down the best tacos I have had in New York. I was told by the staff that they have only been opened a few months and this explains why I did not hear about it sooner.

I had the Carnitas Michoacanas, Al Pastor, Pollo Al Carbón and the Carnes Asada Al Carbón.

Please reserve judgment. They were so good I he to try them all. The Al Pastor is definitely my favorite.

What a beautiful marriage of herbs, spices and such a wonderful Labor of Love.

Upon entering you are greeted by the skill sets of the wonderful cook who so meticulously pressed the dough into the taco and tortilla shells. Love at first sight!

This is the first time I have been a little reluctant to write a review for fear that they will get so busy that I won't be able to get a meal. Lol.

Continued success to Martin and his wonderful staff at Varrio 408

Hong L.

Brooklyn, United States

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They make their own tortillas! That's what I said when I first picked up my taco and took a huge bite out of it.

This little restaurant used to be a pizza store but now they serve delicious flavorful tacos and more. The restaurant is easy to miss but we noticed it during the street fair last week and gave their steak taco a try. A bit expensive for a taco but they pack it in with goodies and every bite was a mouthful we will opt to come here for dinner instead of going to sunset park next time around.

Fyi, They are currently applying for their liquor license.

Joe L.

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I officially have a new taco spot in my hood, and its name is V-A-R-R-I-O 4-0-8.

You can believe the hype, this place is legit. They seemingly crept up and opened out of nowhere with very little fan fare, and still after about a month, there is minimal signage. The simple neon sign that indicates "Tortillas" is a monosyllabic and perhaps boldly confident reference to the greatness available inside.

There is a production line of cooks cranking out fresh and delicious homemade corn tortillas that are like nothing I've ever had. They are made to order and the texture is somewhere between the rubbery/grainy taste of a typical soft corn tortilla (which I don't love) and a soft flour tortilla (which I prefer). This is the only option there and it's fantastic. From memory, there are about 6-8 different options available, of which I tried the carnitas, al pastor and pollo. They were all excellent and if given the opportunity, I'd probably order the same trio again, unless perhaps I allow my inner slob to get the better of me and add on the carne asada for good measure. Only time will tell!

The staff were really friendly and helpful, and thankful for the business. It's not like buying your tacos out of the back of a bodega but it's also not like having to weave through large inflatable cacti, palm trees or oversized sombreros dangling from the ceiling to get your food. It's pretty basic with tasteful décor and a modest amount of seating in the back. The wonderful (and free) salsa bar available was just the icing on the cake. This place is a great and very welcome addition to the neighborhood, so the only question is...¿no quieres unos tacos?!

Charlotte G.

Park Slope, United States

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This is clearly a Mexican fast food but an amazing one. Everything is fresh and they even make the taco bread right in front of your eyes. Prices are so ridiculous that you'll eat more tacos than your system actually need. I recommend the mulas as well.

For some reason I don't eat much meat but tasted the beef taco and the chicken one: meat was grilled, fresh and delicious. I can only recommend that place. The outdoor sign looks like a punk rock band name with black and red colors and goth font - go figure - but the place is pretty amazing if you're in a rush and want tasty and decent fast food. Sooner or later, I'll be back...

Franny A.

New York City, United States

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Son of Rachel's is a tortilla superstar. When I saw #1 taco, I thought it was an offshoot of the Chelsea market shop. Not! Rachel's sexy sloppy burritos and tacos have a taqueria next door. A lady is rolling and pressing fresh tacos- ridiculous!

My pork chile verde burrito was $7.50 plus .75 for guac. As amazing as this burrito was, there is a salsa stand in back where you can add some red or green salsa plus onions and cilantro or lime. Super Fresh, flavor plus a few of those fresh chips they serve next door. Bangin burrito!

Bee C.

Brooklyn, United States

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This place is the best! Thank you for making your tortillas with only corn so it's naturally gluten free. The Napolitos, al pastor and carnitas tacos are amazing. Don't miss their salsa bar-especially the pickled peppers.

You order at the counter, it's cash only-nothing fancy, but so so good!

Claire M.

East Village, Manhattan, United States

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My family walked by this place last night and I am so glad we stopped in. The food was absolutely delicious. We ordered the chicken burrito, family style braised beef tortillas, and guacamole and chips. The portions were huge. The prices were unbelievably good given the size and quality of the meal.

Our 16 month old daughter devoured the rice, refried beans, and guacamole.

Very family friendly.

They don't have their liquor license yet. If you want a beer, go get some across the street at supermarket and bring it in.

Christopher E.

Manhattan, United States

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Love. Two words: cactus taco. Now repeat: cactus taco cactus taco. All I ever want to eat again.

Our 16 month old daughter devoured the rice, refried beans, and guacamole.

Very family friendly.

Sean C.

Brooklyn, United States

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This place is right up my alley. It's all the things I love about food trucks, mixed with the comfort of a storefront. The prices are great, the food is good, the decor is simple... It's just great.

They currently don't have a liquor license, but allow BYOB... Even better in my opinion!

I'd suggest the meat by pound. It's a great deal and lends itself to a shared eating experience.

I will definitely be back.

Mike M.

Manhattan, United States

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Best taco place around. The corn tortillas are handmade right in front of you. The al pastor was just what I needed.

Riley S.

Manhattan, United States

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If you have not had the deliciousness that is their burrito bowl, you have made a left turn somewhere in life and you need to get yourself back on track ASAP and go have one. This burrito bowl changed my life. Thank you, Varrio 408.

Dawn D.

San Francisco, United States

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Varrio 408 really captures the essence of Mexican Food! I live in San Francisco and have access to some of the best cuisine in the world- especially Mexican Food. Travelling to NY has always been a hit or miss in terms of finding authentic Mexican food, but I was beyond impressed by the quality of the food! Cheap, quick and filling. Veggie Taco and Pork was mouth watering good!

M F.

Brooklyn, United States

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When this place quickly flipped from a mediocre pizza place to what appeared to be a fly-by-night Mexican joint, I was very dubious. Then a friend recommended it so I figured I had to give it a shot. After living in Los Angeles, my taco expectations are quite high. I had the Carbon and Carne Asada tacos. They were fantastic! These tacos met and exceeded my expectations. What a great addition to the neighborhood! I will be back!

Erica M.

Elk Grove, United States

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Love this place, the Al Pastor is bomb! The food is authentic Mexican street tacos, beans, rice. Just steps away from Rachel's Taqueria. If you want a quick bite to eat or take it home. This IS the place to go.

Jeff R.

Brooklyn, United States

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We ordered from here on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, my wife and I. We were enjoying beers at The Gate and ordered one each of the Carne Asada and Carnitas Michoacana burritos as well as a side of chips&guac. The food came quickly (though they forgot the chips&guac and had to send the delivery guy back, which they did promptly).

The food was great. The tortillas are soft and chewy, the ingredients were all really good. I wish there were pinto beans as an option (black or refried only) but still, very good. Will likely order again.

Anthony M.

San Clemente, United States

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Wooow!!! Authentic Mexican food has made it's way to Park Slope, this is my new go to place when I'm craving delicious tacos and burritos. Their tortillas are hand made and the staff is very polite and I love the decor inside. I've been to a lot of taco places in NY and this is by far the BEST yet!! Very affordable, healthy portions, and a free salsa bar. It really doesn't get any better than that. Trust me Varrio 408 is the real deal!

Ellen M.

Brooklyn, United States

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Guess what? The early reviews are right! This place is a great addition to the neighborhood but would honestly be a great addition to any neighborhood. We had two burritos (one carnitas, one al pastor, both delicious) and an agua fresca (canteloupe - also great) and couldn't have been happier. Generous portions, everything super fresh, great salsa bar to boot. Next time we'll come for the tacos. They also sell handmade tortillas and all the meats by the pound, so if you prefer to pick it up and assemble at home with your own fixins, you can! Very happy to have a great Mexican place in the area. Welcome, Varrio 408!

Deepti R.

Brooklyn, United States

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Fresh, homemade corn tortillas, homemade horchata and a free salsa bar? This place is perfect in my opinion. Get the Al Pastor, so juicy and flavorful.

Brendan L.

Kearny, United States

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Fresh, homemade corn tortillas, homemade horchata and a free salsa bar? This place is perfect in my opinion. Get the Al Pastor, so juicy and flavorful.